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Price and quality are excellent, read my review here


Best thing I did was to go from my A2000 to a Black Series, better materials, better feel geat glove


My sons and I own several Kelley gloves (Galaxy, Century, Proline, Elevation, and Black series). These gloves are of GREAT quality at AFFORDABLE prices - thank you Kelley.

To date, the only issue I have is with the finger linings in my two Elevation Series gloves (ES-542 and ES-832). Over time (2 to 3 years)the soft finger linings (pig skin??) have deteriorated (holes in the linings). Even though the Elevation Series are great gloves as is, I recommend Kelley improve the Elevation Series by reinforcing the finger linings in the Elevation Series.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Respectfully submitted,

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